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2018 Ranking - Top 100 affordable schools:

Brigham Young University Provo - Affordable School Ranking
South Dakota State University - Affordable School Ranking
2. South Dakota State University

Brookings, SD, 175 majors

University of South Dakota - Affordable School Ranking
3. University of South Dakota

Vermillion, SD, 184 majors

West Texas A & M University - Affordable School Ranking
4. West Texas A & M University

Canyon, TX, 130 majors

Worcester State University - Affordable School Ranking
5. Worcester State University

Worcester, MA, 87 majors

Dakota State University - Affordable School Ranking
6. Dakota State University

Madison, SD, 51 majors

Logan University - Affordable School Ranking
7. Logan University

Chesterfield, MO, 5 majors

Bellevue University - Affordable School Ranking
8. Bellevue University

Bellevue, NE, 55 majors

The University of Texas at Brownsville - Affordable School Ranking
9. The University of Texas

Brownsville, TX, 88 majors

Western Governors University - Affordable School Ranking
10. Western Governors University

Salt Lake City, UT, 53 majors

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing - Affordable School Ranking
Citadel Military College of South Carolina - Affordable School Ranking
Sentara College of Health Sciences - Affordable School Ranking
Luther Rice University & Seminary - Affordable School Ranking
Marshall B Ketchum University - Affordable School Ranking
15. Marshall B Ketchum University

Fullerton, CA, 2 majors

College of Charleston - Affordable School Ranking
16. College of Charleston

Charleston, SC, 117 majors

Bridgewater State University - Affordable School Ranking
17. Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater, MA, 127 majors

Westfield State University - Affordable School Ranking
18. Westfield State University

Westfield, MA, 102 majors

Grambling State University - Affordable School Ranking
19. Grambling State University

Grambling, LA, 68 majors

Saint Vladimirs Orthodox Theological Seminary - Affordable School Ranking
Salem State University - Affordable School Ranking
21. Salem State University

Salem, MA, 157 majors

Framingham State University - Affordable School Ranking
22. Framingham State University

Framingham, MA, 58 majors

Fitchburg State University - Affordable School Ranking
23. Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg, MA, 108 majors

Minot State University - Affordable School Ranking
24. Minot State University

Minot, ND, 146 majors

Delta State University - Affordable School Ranking
25. Delta State University

Cleveland, MS, 58 majors

Louisiana State University Shreveport - Affordable School Ranking
Texas Chiropractic College Foundation - Affordable School Ranking
Virginia University of Lynchburg - Affordable School Ranking
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania - Affordable School Ranking
Bemidji State University - Affordable School Ranking
30. Bemidji State University

Bemidji, MN, 98 majors

Southern University and A & M College - Affordable School Ranking
Central Methodist University College of Graduate and Extended Studies - Affordable School Ranking
Southwest Minnesota State University - Affordable School Ranking
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary - Affordable School Ranking
Dongguk University Los Angeles - Affordable School Ranking
35. Dongguk University Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, 2 majors

Midwestern State University - Affordable School Ranking
36. Midwestern State University

Wichita Falls, TX, 92 majors

Black Hills State University - Affordable School Ranking
37. Black Hills State University

Spearfish, SD, 58 majors

Alcorn State University - Affordable School Ranking
38. Alcorn State University

Alcorn State, MS, 33 majors

Holy Apostles College and Seminary - Affordable School Ranking
Chadron State College - Affordable School Ranking
40. Chadron State College

Chadron, NE, 78 majors

Western International University - Affordable School Ranking
Brigham Young University Idaho - Affordable School Ranking
Columbia College - Affordable School Ranking
43. Columbia College

Columbia, MO, 92 majors

South Texas College - Affordable School Ranking
44. South Texas College

McAllen, TX, 91 majors

South Baylo University - Affordable School Ranking
45. South Baylo University

Anaheim, CA, 4 majors

Southern University at New Orleans - Affordable School Ranking
46. Southern University

New Orleans, LA, 18 majors

New Mexico Highlands University - Affordable School Ranking
47. New Mexico Highlands University

Las Vegas, NM, 75 majors

Brazosport College - Affordable School Ranking
48. Brazosport College

Lake Jackson, TX, 31 majors

American Public University System - Affordable School Ranking
49. American Public University System

Charles Town, WV, 117 majors

Broward College - Affordable School Ranking
50. Broward College

Fort Lauderdale, FL, 102 majors

Jameson Health System - Affordable School Ranking
51. Jameson Health System

New Castle, PA, 1 major

Trinity Episcopal School For Ministry - Affordable School Ranking
Brigham Young University Hawaii - Affordable School Ranking
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary - Affordable School Ranking
Pentecostal Theological Seminary - Affordable School Ranking
Faith Evangelical College & Seminary - Affordable School Ranking
East West College of Natural Medicine - Affordable School Ranking
The University of Texas of The Permian Basin - Affordable School Ranking
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology - Affordable School Ranking
Lake Area Technical Institute - Affordable School Ranking
60. Lake Area Technical Institute

Watertown, SD, 34 majors

Northern State University - Affordable School Ranking
61. Northern State University

Aberdeen, SD, 86 majors

Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture - Affordable School Ranking
Institute of Clinical Acupuncture & Oriental Med - Affordable School Ranking
Peru State College - Affordable School Ranking
64. Peru State College

Peru, NE, 68 majors

Amberton University - Affordable School Ranking
65. Amberton University

Garland, TX, 6 majors

Midland College - Affordable School Ranking
66. Midland College

Midland, TX, 54 majors

Flagler College Tallahassee - Affordable School Ranking
67. Flagler College Tallahassee

Tallahassee, FL, 5 majors

Sitting Bull College - Affordable School Ranking
68. Sitting Bull College

Fort Yates, ND, 30 majors

University of Maine at Fort Kent - Affordable School Ranking
69. University of Maine

Fort Kent, ME, 18 majors

Colorado State University Global - Affordable School Ranking
70. Colorado State University Global

Greenwood Village, CO, 24 majors

Highline College - Affordable School Ranking
71. Highline College

Des Moines, WA, 73 majors

Napa Valley College - Affordable School Ranking
72. Napa Valley College

Napa, CA, 49 majors

Salina Area Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
Milwaukee Area Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
74. Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee, WI, 168 majors

Mississippi Valley State University - Affordable School Ranking
Northern Maine Community College - Affordable School Ranking
76. Northern Maine Community College

Presque Isle, ME, 33 majors

Santa Rosa Junior College - Affordable School Ranking
77. Santa Rosa Junior College

Santa Rosa, CA, 166 majors

Fox Valley Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
78. Fox Valley Technical College

Appleton, WI, 81 majors

Green River College - Affordable School Ranking
79. Green River College

Auburn, WA, 73 majors

Cypress College - Affordable School Ranking
80. Cypress College

Cypress, CA, 112 majors

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
Nicolet Area Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
82. Nicolet Area Technical College

Rhinelander, WI, 46 majors

Lake Michigan College - Affordable School Ranking
83. Lake Michigan College

Benton Harbor, MI, 40 majors

Hawkeye Community College - Affordable School Ranking
84. Hawkeye Community College

Waterloo, IA, 49 majors

Louisiana State University Alexandria - Affordable School Ranking
Madison Area Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
86. Madison Area Technical College

Madison, WI, 159 majors

Pasadena City College - Affordable School Ranking
87. Pasadena City College

Pasadena, CA, 123 majors

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
Waukesha County Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
Antelope Valley College - Affordable School Ranking
90. Antelope Valley College

Lancaster, CA, 95 majors

Chaffey College - Affordable School Ranking
91. Chaffey College

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 128 majors

El Camino Community College District - Affordable School Ranking
Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
Western Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
94. Western Technical College

La Crosse, WI, 70 majors

Walla Walla Community College - Affordable School Ranking
95. Walla Walla Community College

Walla Walla, WA, 76 majors

Southwestern College - Affordable School Ranking
96. Southwestern College

Chula Vista, CA, 158 majors

College of The Canyons - Affordable School Ranking
97. College of the Canyons

Santa Clarita, CA, 66 majors

Santa Fe College - Affordable School Ranking
98. Santa Fe College

Gainesville, FL, 72 majors

Allan Hancock College - Affordable School Ranking
99. Allan Hancock College

Santa Maria, CA, 82 majors

Lakeshore Technical College - Affordable School Ranking
100. Lakeshore Technical College

Cleveland, WI, 65 majors

Affordable schools by state:

Schools by State18 Affordable Schools in Alabama5 Affordable Schools in Arizona24 Affordable Schools in Arkansas69 Affordable Schools in California9 Affordable Schools in Colorado2 Affordable Schools in Connecticut2 Affordable Schools in Delaware15 Affordable Schools in Florida25 Affordable Schools in Georgia4 Affordable Schools in Idaho7 Affordable Schools in IllinoisNo Affordable Schools in Indiana18 Affordable Schools in Iowa24 Affordable Schools in Kansas2 Affordable Schools in Kentucky17 Affordable Schools in Louisiana8 Affordable Schools in Maine8 Affordable Schools in Maryland23 Affordable Schools in Massachusetts22 Affordable Schools in Michigan33 Affordable Schools in Minnesota19 Affordable Schools in Mississippi22 Affordable Schools in Missouri7 Affordable Schools in Montana14 Affordable Schools in NebraskaNo Affordable Schools in NevadaNo Affordable Schools in New Hampshire12 Affordable Schools in New Jersey20 Affordable Schools in New Mexico12 Affordable Schools in New York15 Affordable Schools in North Carolina10 Affordable Schools in North Dakota19 Affordable Schools in Ohio13 Affordable Schools in Oklahoma5 Affordable Schools in Oregon7 Affordable Schools in PennsylvaniaNo Affordable Schools in Rhode Island10 Affordable Schools in South Carolina15 Affordable Schools in South Dakota3 Affordable Schools in Tennessee64 Affordable Schools in Texas5 Affordable Schools in UtahNo Affordable Schools in Vermont5 Affordable Schools in Virginia19 Affordable Schools in WashingtonNo Affordable Schools in District of Columbia13 Affordable Schools in West Virginia18 Affordable Schools in Wisconsin7 Affordable Schools in Wyoming

Affordable schools by diploma:

Certificates: 668 cheap schools
Associate's Degrees: 601 cheap schools
Bachelor's Degrees: 157 cheap schools
Master's Degrees: 108 cheap schools
Doctoral Degrees: 30 cheap schools

Affordable schools by major:

Accounting: 469 cheap schools
Aerospace: 14 cheap schools
Agriculture: 265 cheap schools
Architecture: 121 cheap schools
Arts: 364 cheap schools
Beauty: 208 cheap schools
Biology: 324 cheap schools
Business: 577 cheap schools
Chemistry: 169 cheap schools
Computer: 578 cheap schools
Construction: 221 cheap schools
Culinary: 232 cheap schools
Dance: 47 cheap schools
Dental: 213 cheap schools
Economics: 68 cheap schools
Education: 475 cheap schools
Electrical: 341 cheap schools
Engineering: 445 cheap schools
Environmental: 194 cheap schools
Fashion: 63 cheap schools
Film: 54 cheap schools
Finance: 127 cheap schools
Fire: 214 cheap schools
Flight: 95 cheap schools
Geography: 82 cheap schools
Geology: 54 cheap schools
Graphic Design: 285 cheap schools
History: 155 cheap schools
Hospitality: 201 cheap schools
HVAC: 242 cheap schools
Interior Design: 70 cheap schools
Journalism: 268 cheap schools
Foreign Languages: 172 cheap schools
Law: 247 cheap schools
Literature: 161 cheap schools
Management: 584 cheap schools
Marketing: 322 cheap schools
Massage: 76 cheap schools
Mathematics: 215 cheap schools
Mechanic: 385 cheap schools
Medical: 613 cheap schools
Music: 194 cheap schools
Nursing: 578 cheap schools
Occupational Therapy: 161 cheap schools
Performing Arts: 159 cheap schools
Petroleum: 24 cheap schools
Pharmacy: 175 cheap schools
Philosophy: 83 cheap schools
Physics: 159 cheap schools
Police: 467 cheap schools
Politics: 128 cheap schools
Psychology: 291 cheap schools
Secretary: 481 cheap schools
Social Work: 293 cheap schools
Sociology: 163 cheap schools
Sport: 53 cheap schools
Theatre: 177 cheap schools
Trucking: 94 cheap schools
Veterinary: 93 cheap schools
Weather: 2 cheap schools

Affordable schools by region:

Northeast: 64 cheap schools
Midwest: 202 cheap schools
South: 337 cheap schools
West: 153 cheap schools

Popular affordable school cities:

in Alabama:
Gadsden: 1 cheap school
in Arkansas:
North Little Rock: 1 cheap school
in California:
Aptos: 1 cheap school
Chula Vista: 1 cheap school
Cypress: 1 cheap school
Fountain Valley: 1 cheap school
Fremont: 1 cheap school
Fresno: 1 cheap school
Fullerton: 3 cheap schools
Glendora: 1 cheap school
Huntington Beach: 1 cheap school
Lancaster: 1 cheap school
Merced: 1 cheap school
Mission Viejo: 1 cheap school
Modesto: 1 cheap school
Oakland: 2 cheap schools
Oceanside: 1 cheap school
Oroville: 1 cheap school
Palm Desert: 1 cheap school
Pasadena: 1 cheap school
Rancho Cucamonga: 1 cheap school
Reedley: 1 cheap school
Rocklin: 1 cheap school
Sacramento: 3 cheap schools
San Bruno: 1 cheap school
San Diego: 4 cheap schools
San Francisco: 1 cheap school
San Luis Obispo: 1 cheap school
Santa Clarita: 1 cheap school
Santa Maria: 1 cheap school
Santa Rosa: 1 cheap school
Stockton: 1 cheap school
Torrance: 1 cheap school
Victorville: 1 cheap school
Yucaipa: 1 cheap school
in Colorado:
Aurora: 1 cheap school
Greenwood Village: 1 cheap school
in Delaware:
Dover: 1 cheap school
in Florida:
Fort Lauderdale: 1 cheap school
Gainesville: 1 cheap school
in Georgia:
Albany: 1 cheap school
Americus: 1 cheap school
Athens: 1 cheap school
Atlanta: 3 cheap schools
Augusta: 1 cheap school
Clarkston: 1 cheap school
Columbus: 1 cheap school
Griffin: 1 cheap school
Lawrenceville: 1 cheap school
Marietta: 1 cheap school
Milledgeville: 1 cheap school
Oakwood: 1 cheap school
Rome: 1 cheap school
Savannah: 1 cheap school
Statesboro: 1 cheap school
Thomasville: 1 cheap school
Valdosta: 1 cheap school
Waco: 1 cheap school
Warner Robins: 1 cheap school
in Idaho:
Rexburg: 1 cheap school
Twin Falls: 2 cheap schools
in Illinois:
Ina: 1 cheap school
in Iowa:
Cedar Rapids: 2 cheap schools
Davenport: 1 cheap school
Sioux City: 1 cheap school
in Kansas:
Overland Park: 1 cheap school
Topeka: 1 cheap school
in Louisiana:
Alexandria: 2 cheap schools
Baton Rouge: 2 cheap schools
Bogalusa: 1 cheap school
Grambling: 1 cheap school
Lafayette: 1 cheap school
Lake Charles: 1 cheap school
Minden: 1 cheap school
Shreveport: 2 cheap schools
in Maryland:
La Plata: 1 cheap school
in Massachusetts:
Bedford: 1 cheap school
Boston: 2 cheap schools
Bridgewater: 1 cheap school
Fall River: 1 cheap school
Fitchburg: 1 cheap school
Framingham: 1 cheap school
Haverhill: 1 cheap school
Salem: 1 cheap school
Westfield: 1 cheap school
Worcester: 2 cheap schools
in Michigan:
Ann Arbor: 1 cheap school
Dearborn: 1 cheap school
Detroit: 2 cheap schools
Flint: 1 cheap school
Kalamazoo: 1 cheap school
Livonia: 1 cheap school
Warren: 1 cheap school
in Minnesota:
Bemidji: 2 cheap schools
Brooklyn Park: 2 cheap schools
Fergus Falls: 1 cheap school
Minneapolis: 3 cheap schools
Saint Paul: 1 cheap school
White Bear Lake: 1 cheap school
in Mississippi:
Fulton: 1 cheap school
Goodman: 1 cheap school
Perkinston: 1 cheap school
Raymond: 1 cheap school
Senatobia: 1 cheap school
in Missouri:
Columbia: 1 cheap school
Saint Louis: 1 cheap school
Springfield: 2 cheap schools
in Nebraska:
Bellevue: 1 cheap school
Grand Island: 1 cheap school
Lincoln: 1 cheap school
Omaha: 2 cheap schools
in New Jersey:
Blackwood: 1 cheap school
Edison: 1 cheap school
Lincroft: 1 cheap school
Paterson: 1 cheap school
in New Mexico:
Albuquerque: 1 cheap school
Farmington: 1 cheap school
Las Cruces: 1 cheap school
Las Vegas: 2 cheap schools
Santa Fe: 2 cheap schools
in North Carolina:
Jamestown: 1 cheap school
Winston Salem: 1 cheap school
in Ohio:
Dayton: 1 cheap school
Elyria: 1 cheap school
North Canton: 1 cheap school
Springfield: 1 cheap school
in Pennsylvania:
Edinboro: 1 cheap school
in Puerto Rico:
Aguadilla: 3 cheap schools
Arecibo: 7 cheap schools
Barranquitas: 2 cheap schools
Bayamon: 11 cheap schools
Caguas: 7 cheap schools
Carolina: 2 cheap schools
Gurabo: 1 cheap school
Humacao: 4 cheap schools
Mayaguez: 6 cheap schools
Mercedita: 1 cheap school
Ponce: 7 cheap schools
San German: 1 cheap school
San Juan: 14 cheap schools
Santurce: 1 cheap school
in South Carolina:
Charleston: 2 cheap schools
Conway: 1 cheap school
in South Dakota:
Brookings: 1 cheap school
Sioux Falls: 2 cheap schools
Vermillion: 1 cheap school
in Texas:
Amarillo: 1 cheap school
Baytown: 1 cheap school
Brenham: 1 cheap school
Brownsville: 1 cheap school
Canyon: 1 cheap school
Corpus Christi: 1 cheap school
Corsicana: 1 cheap school
Dallas: 5 cheap schools
El Paso: 1 cheap school
Fort Worth: 1 cheap school
Houston: 1 cheap school
Kilgore: 1 cheap school
Killeen: 1 cheap school
Lancaster: 1 cheap school
Levelland: 1 cheap school
McAllen: 1 cheap school
McKinney: 1 cheap school
Mesquite: 1 cheap school
Odessa: 2 cheap schools
Pasadena: 2 cheap schools
The Woodlands: 1 cheap school
Tyler: 1 cheap school
Waco: 1 cheap school
Wichita Falls: 1 cheap school
in Utah:
Lehi: 1 cheap school
Provo: 1 cheap school
Salt Lake City: 2 cheap schools
in Washington:
Auburn: 1 cheap school
Bremerton: 1 cheap school
Des Moines: 1 cheap school
Renton: 1 cheap school
Shoreline: 1 cheap school
Walla Walla: 1 cheap school
Wenatchee: 1 cheap school
Yakima: 1 cheap school
in West Virginia:
Charles Town: 1 cheap school
in Wisconsin:
Appleton: 1 cheap school
Cleveland: 1 cheap school
Eau Claire: 1 cheap school
Fond Du Lac: 1 cheap school
Green Bay: 1 cheap school
Kenosha: 1 cheap school
La Crosse: 1 cheap school
Madison: 1 cheap school
Milwaukee: 1 cheap school
Pewaukee: 1 cheap school
Shell Lake: 1 cheap school
Wausau: 1 cheap school
Wisconsin Rapids: 1 cheap school
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