Affordable Schools in California - 2018 Ranking

California Affordable Schools69 California affordable colleges offer certificates, associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in accounting, medical, and marketing and 53 other majors.

The best affordable programs are offered by Marshall B Ketchum University. This affordable college offers a great quality programs evaluated with five-star rating for curriculum and three-star rating for teaching.

See the top 50 affordable schools and colleges in California ranking below or narrow your search by program, desired diploma, or city in California.

Top 50 affordable schools in California:

Marshall B Ketchum University - Affordable School Ranking
1. Marshall B Ketchum University

Located in Fullerton, 2 majors

Dongguk University Los Angeles - Affordable School Ranking
2. Dongguk University Los Angeles

Located in Los Angeles, 2 majors

South Baylo University - Affordable School Ranking
3. South Baylo University

Located in Anaheim, 4 majors

Napa Valley College - Affordable School Ranking
4. Napa Valley College

Located in Napa, 49 majors

Santa Rosa Junior College - Affordable School Ranking
5. Santa Rosa Junior College

Located in Santa Rosa, 166 majors

Cypress College - Affordable School Ranking
6. Cypress College

Located in Cypress, 112 majors

Pasadena City College - Affordable School Ranking
7. Pasadena City College

Located in Pasadena, 123 majors

Antelope Valley College - Affordable School Ranking
8. Antelope Valley College

Located in Lancaster, 95 majors

Chaffey College - Affordable School Ranking
9. Chaffey College

Located in Rancho Cucamonga, 128 majors

El Camino Community College District - Affordable School Ranking
10. El Camino Community College District

Located in Torrance, 114 majors

Southwestern College - Affordable School Ranking
11. Southwestern College

Located in Chula Vista, 158 majors

College of The Canyons - Affordable School Ranking
12. College of the Canyons

Located in Santa Clarita, 66 majors

Allan Hancock College - Affordable School Ranking
13. Allan Hancock College

Located in Santa Maria, 82 majors

Cuesta College - Affordable School Ranking
14. Cuesta College

Located in San Luis Obispo, 77 majors

Butte College - Affordable School Ranking
15. Butte College

Located in Oroville, 107 majors

World Mission University - Affordable School Ranking
16. World Mission University

Located in Los Angeles, 4 majors

California International Business University - Affordable School Ranking
Fullerton College - Affordable School Ranking
18. Fullerton College

Located in Fullerton, 95 majors

Ohlone College - Affordable School Ranking
19. Ohlone College

Located in Fremont, 90 majors

Glendale Community College California - Affordable School Ranking
20. Glendale Community College California

Located in Glendale, 105 majors

Mission College - Affordable School Ranking
21. Mission College

Located in Santa Clara, 69 majors

East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program - Affordable School Ranking
Saddleback College - Affordable School Ranking
23. Saddleback College

Located in Mission Viejo, 151 majors

MiraCosta College - Affordable School Ranking
24. MiraCosta College

Located in Oceanside, 134 majors

Golden West College - Affordable School Ranking
25. Golden West College

Located in Huntington Beach, 60 majors

Crafton Hills College - Affordable School Ranking
26. Crafton Hills College

Located in Yucaipa, 48 majors

Feather River Community College District - Affordable School Ranking
American River College - Affordable School Ranking
28. American River College

Located in Sacramento, 143 majors

City College of San Francisco - Affordable School Ranking
29. City College of San Francisco

Located in San Francisco, 157 majors

Citrus College - Affordable School Ranking
30. Citrus College

Located in Glendora, 56 majors

Cabrillo College - Affordable School Ranking
31. Cabrillo College

Located in Aptos, 85 majors

Reedley College - Affordable School Ranking
32. Reedley College

Located in Reedley, 65 majors

Skyline College - Affordable School Ranking
33. Skyline College

Located in San Bruno, 58 majors

Laney College - Affordable School Ranking
34. Laney College

Located in Oakland, 54 majors

Gavilan College - Affordable School Ranking
35. Gavilan College

Located in Gilroy, 59 majors

College of Alameda - Affordable School Ranking
36. College of Alameda

Located in Alameda, 47 majors

Taft College - Affordable School Ranking
37. Taft College

Located in Taft, 38 majors

Columbia College Sonora - Affordable School Ranking
38. Columbia College Sonora

Located in Sonora, 50 majors

Sacramento City College - Affordable School Ranking
39. Sacramento City College

Located in Sacramento, 124 majors

San Diego Miramar College - Affordable School Ranking
40. San Diego Miramar College

Located in San Diego, 73 majors

College of The Desert - Affordable School Ranking
41. College of the Desert

Located in Palm Desert, 73 majors

Berkeley City College - Affordable School Ranking
42. Berkeley City College

Located in Berkeley, 53 majors

College of The Siskiyous - Affordable School Ranking
43. College of the Siskiyous

Located in Weed, 34 majors

El Camino College Compton Center - Affordable School Ranking
44. El Camino College Compton Center

Located in Compton, 59 majors

Copper Mountain Community College - Affordable School Ranking
45. Copper Mountain Community College

Located in Joshua Tree, 32 majors

Sierra College - Affordable School Ranking
46. Sierra College

Located in Rocklin, 96 majors

Coastline Community College - Affordable School Ranking
47. Coastline Community College

Located in Fountain Valley, 45 majors

Fresno City College - Affordable School Ranking
48. Fresno City College

Located in Fresno, 128 majors

Modesto Junior College - Affordable School Ranking
49. Modesto Junior College

Located in Modesto, 89 majors

Victor Valley College - Affordable School Ranking
50. Victor Valley College

Located in Victorville, 48 majors

California affordable schools by program:

Accounting: 59 affordable schools
Agriculture: 34 affordable schools
Architecture: 28 affordable schools
Arts: 58 affordable schools
Beauty: 17 affordable schools
Biology: 61 affordable schools
Business: 63 affordable schools
Chemistry: 29 affordable schools
Computer: 61 affordable schools
Construction: 27 affordable schools
Culinary: 34 affordable schools
Dance: 25 affordable schools
Dental: 19 affordable schools
Economics: 19 affordable schools
Education: 34 affordable schools
Electrical: 23 affordable schools
Engineering: 47 affordable schools
Environmental: 26 affordable schools
Fashion: 22 affordable schools
Film: 11 affordable schools
Finance: 10 affordable schools
Fire: 35 affordable schools
Flight: 11 affordable schools
Geography: 28 affordable schools
Geology: 20 affordable schools
Graphic Design: 47 affordable schools
History: 50 affordable schools
Hospitality: 27 affordable schools
HVAC: 14 affordable schools
Interior Design: 18 affordable schools
Journalism: 58 affordable schools
Foreign Languages: 43 affordable schools
Law: 28 affordable schools
Literature: 55 affordable schools
Management: 63 affordable schools
Marketing: 37 affordable schools
Massage: 5 affordable schools
Mathematics: 58 affordable schools
Mechanic: 46 affordable schools
Medical: 59 affordable schools
Music: 47 affordable schools
Nursing: 47 affordable schools
Occupational Therapy: 3 affordable schools
Performing Arts: 46 affordable schools
Pharmacy: 4 affordable schools
Philosophy: 28 affordable schools
Physics: 47 affordable schools
Police: 54 affordable schools
Politics: 42 affordable schools
Psychology: 57 affordable schools
Secretary: 59 affordable schools
Social Work: 53 affordable schools
Sociology: 55 affordable schools
Sport: 7 affordable schools
Theatre: 52 affordable schools
Veterinary: 6 affordable schools

California affordable schools by diploma:

Certificates: 65 affordable schools
Associate's Degrees: 62 affordable schools
Bachelor's Degrees: 4 affordable schools
Master's Degrees: 5 affordable schools
Doctoral Degrees: 4 affordable schools

California affordable schools by city:

Alameda: 1 affordable school
Anaheim: 1 affordable school
Aptos: 1 affordable school
Barstow: 1 affordable school
Berkeley: 1 affordable school
Burbank: 1 affordable school
Chula Vista: 1 affordable school
Compton: 1 affordable school
Cypress: 1 affordable school
Eureka: 1 affordable school
Folsom: 1 affordable school
Fountain Valley: 1 affordable school
Fremont: 1 affordable school
Fresno: 1 affordable school
Fullerton: 3 affordable schools
Gilroy: 1 affordable school
Glendale: 1 affordable school
Glendora: 1 affordable school
Hayward: 1 affordable school
Huntington Beach: 1 affordable school
Joshua Tree: 1 affordable school
Lancaster: 1 affordable school
Los Angeles: 2 affordable schools
Marysville: 1 affordable school
Merced: 1 affordable school
Mission Viejo: 1 affordable school
Modesto: 1 affordable school
Monterey: 1 affordable school
Napa: 1 affordable school
Oakland: 2 affordable schools
Oceanside: 1 affordable school
Oroville: 1 affordable school
Palm Desert: 1 affordable school
Pasadena: 1 affordable school
Quincy: 1 affordable school
Rancho Cucamonga: 1 affordable school
Redding: 1 affordable school
Reedley: 1 affordable school
Rocklin: 1 affordable school
Sacramento: 3 affordable schools
San Bruno: 1 affordable school
San Diego: 4 affordable schools
San Francisco: 1 affordable school
San Luis Obispo: 1 affordable school
Santa Clara: 1 affordable school
Santa Clarita: 1 affordable school
Santa Maria: 1 affordable school
Santa Rosa: 1 affordable school
Saratoga: 1 affordable school
Sonora: 1 affordable school
South Lake Tahoe: 1 affordable school
Stockton: 1 affordable school
Susanville: 1 affordable school
Taft: 1 affordable school
Torrance: 1 affordable school
Ukiah: 1 affordable school
Victorville: 1 affordable school
Weed: 1 affordable school
West Covina: 1 affordable school
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